Does Tung oil darken


The Tung tree is a major source of Tung or china wood oil. Tung oil is used as a wood finish. Tung oil is simply used to penetrate the grain and protect the wood. Tung oil is one of the most popular wood finishes in the wood. Tung oil is non-toxic and food-protective. Tung oil is easily available as a finish on cherry and walnut. Tung oil is quite friendly toward the wood Tung oil will not darken the wood as much as linseed. Tung oil is more viscous than other vegetable oils. Tung oil is natural and quite beneficial for wood finish.

Characteristics of Tung oil

The properties which made Tung oil so beneficial are the following

More viscous than other oil

High drying speed

Water resistance

Good alkali

Chemical resistance


Food protective

Pros and cons


There are a lot of causes a craftsman chooses Tung oil to finish their wood.

Zero external addition

Tung oil is natural and non-toxic

Tung oil food protective

Tung oil quite easy to repair dents


Following are the cons of Tung oil

Tung oil is typically more costly than other oils

Tung oil denudes at least 5 coats to give you the finest satin sheen

Tung oil Sensitive to water damage and stains

Tung oil also sensitive to scratches

Tung oil waterproof

Tung oil resists water and does not drastically darken with age

Tung oil changes the color of wood

Tung oil resists water better than other oils Tung oil does not darken the wood color with age


Tung oil is an environmentally friendly item, Tung oil is all-natural. It is one of the most popular wood finishers used in the world. Tung oil has been used for centuries. Tung oil mostly adds luster the dark effect you are noticing comes naturally as any wood

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