Discover the Latest Innovations from the Tesla phone


Tesla phone has made lots of things like. I don’t know why they are making a phone. Even they made many

Things like Rocket can. Tesla is an American multinational company automotive and clean energy company that is located in Austin, Texas.  This company designed many other storage devices that can be charged by using solar energy.  They have provided a lot of services in this field and now they litigate that they will launch a smartphone that will be the most advanced of all other devices existing in the market.

Star link integrated

It will have the integration of star–link, and a network of satellites that will roam the entire earth and provide connectivity and storage wherever you are.

Neural link

  Elon Musk litigates that they are developing a device that would be mudded in a person, ‘s brain where it would record all the activities and thoughts at the same time


You can use this phone for mining also. You can trade by using the device without any cast.

Solar charging

This device will charge through satellite technology. You never need electricity to charge.


Elon Musk for the first time ever has floated the idea of a smartphone creating his own smartphone. I think this is extremely notable because I have been saying for a long time that a Tesla phone could be intently competitive with Apple and Google for a lot of reasons

1 – Is that it could be star-like power, so instead of having to rely on one of the telecom giants. Tesla could just use their own infrastructure and their phone could be satellite-powered via Star like that’s a game charger

2 – I think Leon’s  phone would come equipped with integrated crypto-payment infrastructure 

3 – I think it would be D.App  friendly. Elon has referred to Google and apples tax you know revenue split as a tax on the internet.I think if Elon had a browser-based decentralized app store built on top of blockchain that would be revolutionary. The design would be (next level) killer

Due to this lots of ease will be created in your

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